Our Mission

Build Unfortunate Children Future

About Grace Covenant

It is well said that children are the best gift from God. Then these children deserve the abundant love and care from their parents, some parents will do their best to satisfy their children’s desires. Children are precious to parents. Even if the child face storm in life, the love of their parents which is backing them will put them in no fear. Unfortunately, in reality, not every child enjoys this love. Some are deserted. Without the care of their parents, the world of these children could appear gloomy. Who will bring joy to their lives? Are they able to express those angelic smiles? These angles who last their need more guardianship.

Grace Covenant Community Care Centre, which is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is founded by Joshua Ng. He takes in these unfortunate children, seeing their growth and providing them a home. Any expression of joy will certainly beam and touches his heart.




years GCCC has entered


children range from 1 to 6 years old in our home


children aged from 7 to 12 years are working hard in their study


secondary school youths



The Journal of Grace Covenant

Joshua and Ruth started involving full time in the community service in 2003. Grace Covenant Community Care was officially registered in 2011. This is an organization that fight for the basic right and welfare for the children and vulnerable group. In the initial stage, its financial need was fully depend on the saving of both Joshua and Ruth. The couple has gone through a tough time as the centre was drawing fast from their saving. They even had the problem of settling their basic meals.

Despite the down and out, the couple held fast to their vision, brave through their difficulty and press on. Under such economic hardship, they continue to encourage each other believing that “sunbeam will shine after the gloom”. They named their daughter “Connie” which means “persist and do not give up”. Holding the belief that each time the name is called out, it will be a reminder to them to persevere in their effort to serve and fulfill a great commission.




Joshua and Ruth have once again proven to us that in this competitive new era, welfare work should not be stalled and come to a standstill . It has to be a combination of commercial management with internet resources. Then it is able to bring the vulnerable groups back to the mainstream. Such social service will be much meaningful.