GCCC Founder & Principal

Joshua Ng & Ruth Kam

The Background of The Founder

The founder is Grace Covenant Community Care - Joshua Ng, who always lend his shoulder for the children has a rough story to tell.  Joshua has grown up in a single-parent family. His father was killed in a robbery, leaving 4 young children to his widow. Joshua was not able to live a carefree childhood. His mother had to move the family from place to place due to livelihood. Such distress environment has turned out to be a great advantage in his character building and outstanding talents. After his secondary education, he has to work part-time as he pursued his degree in electronic engineering. During this period of his working cum studying time, he has won the recognition of his boss. The company has appointed him as the chief engineer prior to his graduation. As a result of his excellent performance in leadership and work, Joshua was much appreciated by his company. He was put to in charge of various departments. He foresees a bright future ahead. Though he was gaining in position and income, deep in his heart he has the burden for the vulnerable group. Finally, he made up his mind to resign from his job and got involved in social work, drawing no salary. He was then 27 years old.

The Background of The Principal

Ruth Kam, a helpmate of Joshua Ng, is the principal of GCCC. Resigning from her banker job, she resolved to follow her husband’s footsteps, striving the basic rights on behalf of the children and the needy. Facing the new challenge and the new situation, fighting against this common social problem. This decision was not an impulsive one as it has been sowed in her heart since childhood. It was like a germinated seed waiting for the best opportunity to grow into a tree. She used to hear from her parents their encounter during the Malaya-Japan war. Back then, some Western missionaries came and contributed to the society. They were like the ministering angels to the locals. The great work of these loving missionaries was often talked about by her parents as they have benefited much from them. This conviction allows her to spur on into the ministry of serving others.