Management & Responsibilities

Grace Covenant Community Care has adopted more than 80 children. A management platform is needed to accommodate these children who came from different backgrounds.

From the working experiences he accumulated, Joshua understand a point: with the link of a management system and the togetherness of all members, it will lead to the smooth implementation and success completion of all work.

Systematization is carried out with a fix method to classify, reorganize and refine a standard process. Through such systematic arrangement, it is easy to assess. Recognizing that this system resemble a wind gauge to the home and after much consideration, Joshua draw out a unique structure of system management. He believes that the daily chores can be handle effectively if he chooses to manage GCCC as a medium cost enterprise.


For the past 11 years, the great achievement from this couple has won them the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian award in 2010 and 2012 with contribution in children, world peace or human rights, making them the first couple to receive such honor. In 2013, Joshua Ng  was unexpectedly nominated and awarded with Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA). The cause of the award was due to his effectiveness in using the entrepreneurial management in bring the grown of Grace Covenant. In the mean while, Ruth also become of the winner of 21st century "The Golden Phoenix Award" which is to recognize a successful individual who is a leader in their field  and possibility of achievement or excellence. She must exhibit humanity spirit, be impressive  to inspire and motivate women.